The table of dreams that you see at the top of the page, died tragically in a windstorm.  There was no refuge for this beautiful, gorgeous lawn delight.  The evil winds of hard rock and un-smooth music swooped the innocently mellow congregation of table, umbrella and chairs into the depths of the sea of westwood.  There is but only a few chards of glass left to memorialize this wonderful monument.  There are no pictures of this tragedy. Who would want to see this horrific site? No one. No one with a heart.

All is left is this account and hope for the future:

Torn between the Un-smooth’s insistence that he must live in the real world and John Oates plea, Poko finally runs to the nearest porch, and screams the name “Hard Piece” out into the night.

Poko then appears standing with the John Oates, who says that all of Paradise was destroyed by The Un-Smooth, whereas Poko’s bravery helped one chard of glass from the dream survive. With this one chard of glass, Poko can rebuild the entire Paradise through wishes and imagination. Poko wishes for Paradise’s restoration, and for a ride on the seas of smooth.

The Scene went something like this:

(The front yard is being taken away by the Un-smooth. Because of Poko’s new found disbelief, the Un-smooth has grown stronger and is now attacking the last remaining part of Paradise.)

Poko:  What do I have to do?

John Oates: You have to give me a new name! You’ve already chosen it. You just have to call it out!

Poko: It’s only a story, It’s only a story.

(Paradise shakes and the wind blows harder)

John Oates:  Poko! Why don’t you do what you dream, Poko!

Poko: But I can’t! I have to keep my feet on the ground!

John Oates: Call my name!  Poko, please!  Save us!

Poko:  All right, I’ll do it. I’ll save Paradise! I will do what I dream!

(He climbs up the stairs.  He leans out into the storm and calls the name he had chosen for John Oates)


(NEXT SCENEDarkness, pure and black as night. We hear Poko speak.)

Poko: Why is it so dark?

John Oates: In the beginning it is always dark.

(A small light appears and starts growing until the two smooth men’s faces are illuminated. It is coming from an object in The Hard Piece’s hand. Poko looks at it.)

Poko: What is that?

John Oates: One chard of glass. It is all that remains of our smooth empire.

Poko: Paradise has totally disappeared?

John Oates: Yes.

Poko: Then everything has been in vain.

John Oates:  No, it hasn’t Paradise can arise in you.  In your dreams and wishes, young Poko.

Poko: How?

John Oates:  Open your hand.

(Oates puts the chard of glass into poko’s hand and poko looks at it)

John Oates:  What are you going to wish for?

Poko: I don’t know.

John Oates:  Then there will be no Paradise any more.

Poko: How many wishes do I get?

John Oates: As many as you want. And the more wishes you make, the more magnificent Paradise will become.

Poko: Really?

John Oates: Try it.

Poko: Then my first wish is…..

(Oates follows his gaze and smiles.)

(CUT TO-Poko and Head Honcho drinking sailing the seas of smooth with a miller lite and Christopher Cross playing on the porch. Below, Paradise has been reborn.  Everything appears as before)

Poko: Head Honcho, It’s more beautiful that I thought!

Head Honcho:  Like it?

Poko: Head Honcho, It’s wonderful! It’s like the Un-smooth never was!

Head Honcho: What would you like to wish for next?

(CUT TO-View of the the gorillas two doors down talking in the street.  They look over and see Poko and Head Honcho appear and start chasing them. They Scream..)

Dumb Gorilla 1:  Oh no! SMOOTH!

Poko: Yeah!  Look there they are!  You guys need to shut the fuck up!

Dumb Gorilla 2: Hey let’s go inside and shut the fuck up!

(one of themcires pointing to the alley by their house.  They start to rest but Head Honcho chases them.  They start running again!)

Poko:  We’re gonna get you guys!

(They run down the alley and jump into the dumpster as Head Honcho almost get there! They peer out of the dumpster then duck back in.)

(VIEW-of Paradise and the Sky.  We hear a voice, a narrator that sounds like Michael McDonald.)

Michael McDonald:  Poko made many other wishes and had many other amazing adventures before returning to Paradise…But that’s another story.