dscf3891The cold seems to be subsiding.  Is it a farse?  Apparently the groundhog says so, but in paradise, we don’t want to believe it.  We’re itching for warm spring days and mild spring nights in the front yard, table or not.  (Sad to report that our $2.50 replacement table was stolen… or blew away… or both.)

Maybe we’ll have to wait 6 more weeks, but i hoping the blossoming trees and cool breezes come sooner, and so does the newest resident of Westwood Paradise — Our new doggie, Oates!

Oates?  Or maybe it’s JD Raznar, or Brady Novak, or… who knows?  We need to finalize his name, and it’s a tough call!  What do you name something that is so cute, but so kick butt at the same time?  Look at that face!  Is he the Hard Piece? Voice your ideas and opinions!