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Poko is a free spirit.

Poko is not a member of any political party.

Poko frequently pees outside.

Poko keeps it smooth.

In these troubling times even the smoothest of the smooth cannot turn a blind eye to the upcoming presidential election.  McCain or Obama?  Obama or McCain?  My friends….you ain’t got to choose either.  Why don’t you listen to the radio?  Forget Sarah Palin….She’s gone.  I think I have a choice that would make even Sarah Smile.  Ladies and Gentlemen….the only smooth choice for president.

Oh yeah….I can go for that.

“I’m Poko Goldstein and I’ve approved this message.”


Hello Friends.  Poko Goldstein: Manager to the Stars here.  As you know Westwood Paradise is America’s Number One drinking destination.  Forget what the magazines say….listen to Poko.  Westwood Paradise is number one.  We offer a variety of entertainment options right in the front yard….year round.  Westwood Paradise has something for the whole family.  Don’t believe me?  Check this out…..

Westwood Paradise boasts the midwest’s finest selection of beer that happens to be on sale as well as lesser known brands of whiskey and wine.

Hungry? Chef Dave is always cooking something de-licious on the grill/ashtray.  Westwood Paradise also has quick access to the phone numbers or websites for Jimmy-Johns and Papa-Johns.  Coming Soon:  The Number for Taco Johns!

Get your flame on with a wide variety of flammable materials and flame-producing devices!  If it burns, throw that sucker in the fire pit!

We also have Cap’n Dave’s Catch of the Day undersea wildlife display and plenty of expensive electronics for the kids! 

Westwood Paradise is an entertainment mecca!!!  Some of the acts that have graced Westwood Paradise include The Bent Wheatleys, John Oates, and…….The Bent Wheatleys!

Why go anywhere else when paradise awaits?  Still don’t believe me?  Well screw you then.

 ***Westwood Paradise still open!!!  Look for the patio table.  Bring some crap to burn!!***

Attention Smooth People with a Rock and Roll Sensibility: Check out Poko’s Smooth Island Oasis at Pandora Radio.

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