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Happy B-Day to myself.  My theme for turning 30, Willin by Little Feat.

Theme for turning 31, Lightning Bar Arlo Guthrie

Theme for turning 32….check it out.

I think Midnight Special rocked.  One reason:

Gary Wright kicks green donkey penis!  …..and they knew it..Let’s party.


Poko is a free spirit.

Poko is not a member of any political party.

Poko frequently pees outside.

Poko keeps it smooth.

In these troubling times even the smoothest of the smooth cannot turn a blind eye to the upcoming presidential election.  McCain or Obama?  Obama or McCain?  My friends….you ain’t got to choose either.  Why don’t you listen to the radio?  Forget Sarah Palin….She’s gone.  I think I have a choice that would make even Sarah Smile.  Ladies and Gentlemen….the only smooth choice for president.

Oh yeah….I can go for that.

“I’m Poko Goldstein and I’ve approved this message.”

Smooth sailing - Autumn Sytle

Did you think that a little chill in the air and leaves on the ground would stop paradise from rolling smooth?  Well, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Westwood Paradise is still in full swing as the crisp weather of Fall sets in.  Come on by and give Poko Pumpkin a little hello, he would love to see you!

Paradise is also glad to report that Happy Hour at the Yacht Club was a big success!  Thanks to all you cool cats that came by.  The drinks were strong, the fire was blazing and the sailing was smooth.

Before the artic blast hits the oceans of the front yard, make sure to keep keep an eye out for spooky pumpkins carved up outside.  We’ll be carving and painting on Thursday the 30th.  They are bound to be spooktastic.

In other news, as soon as pumpkins showed up, so did a strange looking new insect.  After some in depth searching at, I’ve discovered that it’s a baby ladybug!  Harmonia Axyridis to be exact.  I’ve seen them around in the larva stage (my photo) and also in the pupa stage making their home on the underside of our paradise umbrella.

Check out the stages of this little lady!

larva …………………………..pupa………………………………adult

Just thought I’d post some videos that the crew at Westwood Paradise Yacht Club really enjoy. I hope you enjoy them too!

John Oates really is “The Hard Piece” in this one!  As most of you know, “She’s Gone”.

Michael McDonald just Keep’s forgetting!  Me too, after a 1.75 of Ten High Michael.  Don’t lose the smooth!

And Michael with the Doobies:

We will call him “Christopher Cross”. Set Sail!

This one’s for you Poko.  Cetera ’08!!! Like an angel!

It was a long weekend at the American Royal BBQ for Westwood Paradise and Maximum Loin.  We kicked some ass, kicked some more ass, then kicked some ass some more!

All in all Maximum Loin took 154th place over all, finishing in the top 33% out of 475 teams.  The delicious BBQ was better than ever for the parties thanks to Brian Roseman.  Beer pong was a sucess thanks to!  Also many thanks to KC Lofts and Coyote Mike.

Poko and I got back to paradise at 4 am Saturday morning.  Ouch!

Way to keep it smooth Poko.

Well, the Westwood Yacht Club is starting to resemble The Abandoned Luncheonette this week.  As some of you might know, She’s Gone.  Barb went out of town this week.  I’d better borrow some money from Poko, so I can pay the devil to replace her.  I’m kind of afraid to go in the door tonight.  Hall might just be in there drinking water out of a Hookah.

Oh no.

The other day, the strangest thing happened…

I was sitting in The Westwood Yacht Club and Parlor and out of nowhere there was a poof of smoke!  Suddenly “The Hard Piece”appeared and was talking crazy about some “Worlds of Fun” Hearse doing a drive by on Westwood Paradise on a Friday evening in September or October! 

He said something about ghouls that look like Hall or something and then he stuck his finger up his butt and disappeared.   The smell of ten-thousand markers lingered in the air and left me astonished! 

Amazing….I’m starting to think the Westwood Yacht Club and Parlor  is Haunted by these little jerks…Hall and Oates.

Have you been in the Front Yard Paradise? Let us know about it! Leave a comment below!

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